Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A week later...

Well, I have been slow in posting, haven't I? Hey, it's been a busy week. Got the daffodil bulbs planted on Sunday in the front garden. I have tennis elbow from painting the fence in September, so it made it a fun experience planting bulbs. Someday I'll be out of pain. Weirdly enough, knitting doesn't make it hurt any worse. Maybe it's therapy.

Anyhoo, I finished one slipped stitch rib sock:

I started the second one, but I am stopping working on it so that I can work on Christmas knitting. There are 42 knitting days left until Christmas(I read it on the Yarn Harlot). Yikes!

The kitchen is painted and pretty:

Picture of our cake from the big birthday party:

Even Jeffy is happy! He says he'd be much happier if he was outside. He sat in a pile of leaves outside while we were planting the bulbs on Sunday. He was a happy guy. He's going to be 14 on November 24.

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