Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Later today I have to drive to Green Bay to attend the AFSCME Council 24 annual convention until Friday. Churchill the cat will be my escort for the event (well, at least in the hotel). Jeffy is staying home and his friendly cat sitter will be stopping by to visit with him and feed him. Jeffy isn't a good car rider and face it, he's an old guy who probably is happier staying at home (he's 14 1/2 now).

Unfortunately, this keeps both Paulette and I from knit night, which we are sad about. I'll be there next week! Paulette will be in San Francisco next week, at the AFSCME International annual convention.

Speaking of knit night, even the Starbucks employees are getting into the act:

This is Jane, with the beginnings of her very first sock. She was excited to show it to me, as you can tell.

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