Thursday, October 29, 2009

Now with more whine

First, let me apologize for not posting.  I have been sick since last week Tuesday with what I think is just a cold, but who knows.  I am exhausted.  I stayed home from work most of last week, and a few hours this week, but there is work to be done, since it is mid term exam time here.  My schedule beyond work is just plain crazy making.  Last week, besides being sick, I had a spinning class Tuesday evening in Neenah at Yarns by Design, Knit Night on Wednesday, and a hair appointment Thursday evening.  I could have gone to a dinner on Sunday evening, but didn't because I was too tired and I didn't think people would have appreciated me breathing on them.  This week I had the second of two spinning classes on Tuesday, Knit Night Wednesday, rehearsal for our church's Hallowed House this evening, the first night of the Hallowed House tomorrow evening and the last night of the Hallowed House Sunday evening.  All I want to do is stay home--no one wants me to. 

I'll start with my spinning class and work on from there. 

Here we see the Schacht Ladybug spinning wheel I am renting from the yarn store all ready for it's trip to my second class:

The class was fun and really helpful, even though I wanted nothing better than to be at home in my recliner while I was there.  Here's a picture of my first skein of yarn:

It ended up on the super bulky side--all 29 yards of it.  If I can reproduce the weight, I'll be making a hat with this.  It's really squooshy yarn, made with Northern Lights 100% wool pencil roving in the Forest Glade colorway.  I'm still working on the laceweight stuff on my spindle.  It's a long work in progress, but it is going to be really pretty yarn.  I did have a smackdown spindle spinning challenge from the woman who was teaching the spinning class which I declined.  I was too sick to enjoy it.

Moving right along, here are some scenes from last night's Knit Night:

Here's Vicki hiding behind a wheel of unspun roving that she is making a gorgeous sweater out of. (You can see it on her lap)

Here's a really good shot of Vicki's Lloie cardigan.  It's so pretty.

Margaret brought festive Halloween decorations with her!

Our discussion was interesting last night at Knit Night.  It included tales of a Hanukkah driedel drinking game. 

I finished my shawl last week:

I need to take a better picture of this.  It did turn out pretty.  I will admit that I was tired of it by the end.

I have moved on to socks now.

These are pumpkin socks.  The pattern is Little Pumpkins socks

The pattern is pretty cute.  Paulette and I are having an unintentional knit along on this pattern.  We didn't plan it, honest.

I leave you now with a pretty picture of our dogwood bush in the backyard in all it's fall finery:

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