Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Almost done!

My Tidal Wave socks are almost done. I am up to knitting the instep and then the toes. I'll post a picture when they're all done. Next up in the ol' project bag is to make pockets for my felted purse. I can't stand rifling through my purse to find my cell phone or my keys one moment longer. Perhaps I was too spoiled by the lovely organization-friendliness of my Vera Bradley purses.

Our knitting group meets tomorrow evening at the Koeller Avenue Starbucks here in Oshkosh. We began as a much larger group, started by Nick, one of our education students here at UW Oshkosh. We had a lot of university students for a while. The students all got busy with school and their lives. What's left is a small group of 3 of us who still meet from around 6:30 or 7PM to 9PM. We don't care if it's summer and really hot outside--we still knit anyhow. We occasionally get curious people coming up to us as we're knitting who ask us about our knitting. The Experimental Aircraft Association convention was here last week. As the two of us who were at the group were knitting, a woman and her husband who were attending the airshow came up to us and the woman said she should have brought her knitting. Hah--a good knitter should never be without her knitting. Her husband was really interested in the ball of yarn I had for my Print o' the Wave stole which I will be starting soon. It is really soft. It is Taiyangshan Lacey Lamb in black. I read Eunny Jang's errata on her blog about the stole. It seems I will need one more ball of yarn to complete my stole. Oh, the pain. I'll have to go to the yarn store. Iris Fine Yarns in Appleton, Wisconsin, I'll be visiting you soon. Love ya Phyllis and Cassie!

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