Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fiber-y fun

First off-the Queen Silvia is finished!

Sorry about the picture being dark. It was getting dark on the porch when I finished pinning this out to block. I'll take better pictures soon!

I started a new shawl after the pinning was done. It's Evelyn Clark's Angel Lace Shawl. I am using Silky Merino, a 50% merino/50%silk blend laceweight yarn from Blackberry Ridge Woolen Mill in Wisconsin in the Pale Lilac color. I have 19 rows done so far.

My newest thing is that I am learning to spindle spin. I ordered a Learn to Spin kit from Thomas Golding. Here it is:

It's really pretty addicting. This is my first attempt at this. The yarn is pretty thick yet. I am going to find some pretty pink to spin and ply with this to make a winter hat. The wool roving included with the kit is grayish Coopworth wool. I really like the spindle. This is bad. Really bad. I feel a whole new addiction coming on. I am already planning my custom made 2" spindle. I like this morning glory one:

I better save a lot of money for it. As my father said, "Don't buy cheap tools". No problem there.


Vicki said...


Spindle collecting is as fun as spindle spinning.

Speaking of tools to collect, with all the shawls you're knitting you need some blocking wires. Makes the whole process so much easier.

DPN girl said...

I know I do. I should go to the Knit Picks website and just order some.