Monday, December 21, 2009

Shopping trip

On Friday I took vacation and got up early in the morning to go shopping at the mall.  Fox River Mall, to be exact.

Here's me waiting at the light on the exit ramp to turn onto College Avenue in Appleton:

While there were cars, there wasn't as much traffic at 9:45 AM as I expected.

Here it is, the Mall!

I always park near Younkers:

I was there for about 4 hours.  I got most of my shopping done, though.  I have just a few things left, but they are no big deal.  I love the sale racks and tables.

I also stopped at Barnes and Noble for Christmas cards.  On the way out of that parking lot, I saw an unusual vehicle:

How often does one go shopping and encounter the Weinermobile?

Here is "a little something extra" (lagniappe in New Orleans) picture of Churchill under the tree:

He's waiting for Santa Cat.


Keri said...

This made my day. Thanks for bringing some Appleton into my life today.

Colorado Kutzik said...

Love the photos of the Weinermobile! Happy Holidaze!