Thursday, December 10, 2009

Snow day!

Yesterday we had a paid snow day.  I don't remember this EVER happening in the 24 years I have worked at the University. 

So, what did I do with my day?  You mean, besides the shoveling of our 105 foot driveway and the front sidewalk?

Well, sit back, get comfy and get some hot chocolate!

View from our living room window

Snow started to cake the windows

The birds found the new cardinal feeder.  Hmm, there are no cardinals in this picture.  I have seen them there.  Oh, and lots of squirrels, too!

I also was on Facebook.  A lot.

I baked these Pillsbury cookies, which almost got too dark because I was paying attention to Facebook and not my cookies.  They are gone now.

Churchill reaping the rewards.  Here he is drinking warm milk leftover from the hot chocolate I made.

The snowman snow measurer is happy.  The snow depth there is actually 1 foot--the stick broke off last year.

The beginnings of the snow luge run to the garage.

When we went out to shovel I made sure I brushed the snow from almost all the decorations outside.

Snow sliding off the siding (yes, it does kind of rhyme)

Our tree, all decorated

A special ornament for Jeffy

I made a special arrangement by the fence where some of Jeffy's ashes are

Churchill was tired from the day--and so are his mommies!

I did manage to fit some knitting in there.  Unfortunately, I seem to be taking things apart more than I am knitting them these days.  My Christmas present will get done, though!

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