Monday, September 22, 2008

All the cool kids are doing it...

Apparently there is something in the air that makes one replace windows in one's home. In today's Yarn Harlot post she is all excited about replacing a window in her home. I can relate. On Thursday last week I helped my brother in law replace the window in my bathroom. It opens--it closes! Woo hoo!

He also fixed the bathroom walls in the shower area so that Paulette and I could replace the tub surround. I put new pretty molding around the window. Here's what it looks like now( click pictures to make bigger):

The window is OPEN!!

Isn't it beautiful?
Unfortunately, now the rest of the bathroom needs help. We are planning on putting wainscoting on the rest of the bathroom walls yet this year and repainting the bathroom. And maybe putting in a new medicine cabinet (we saw a nice one at Lowe's yesterday that wasn't too pricey). The last things I want to do in there is change the light fixture above the medicine cabinet and perhaps put another light in there as well.
I finished my socks, which I need to take a picture of. Been kind of busy with the remodeling. I started my gloves that I am making up the pattern for (well, not totally making it up by myself--I'm combining a couple of patterns and adding some other stuff).

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Anonymous said...

Mama and I like--you want to come and re-do our bathroom?