Monday, October 20, 2008

Always time to knit

Even though I am really busy with the campaign stuff, there's always room for knitting! I finished my fall gloves:

I also started my fall leaves scarf on Saturday:

I didn't know how this yarn would knit up into lace. The yarn is thick and thin, but so far this is complimenting the lacy leaves pattern. It looks kind of rustic. Hopefully it blocks well, so that the lace pattern is more visible.

I would be remiss in my campaigning duties if I didn't urge everyone reading to GO VOTE NOW!! I voted at our city hall--it's fast and easy and you will avoid the possible long lines on election day. I was out of there in 5 minutes.

My car is fixed--it only costed about $140--not bad. I also don't have to worry about losing my muffler now, which would have been a lot more expensive to replace.


Anonymous said...

The gloves look wonderful....and so does the scarf too! Aren't cars a joy? I have spent like $800 on mine this last month....and last month it was the starter which was like $ van is turning into the money pit!!!! and then on Friday the garbage disposal decided to take a dump....Someone has a master plan for my money and it isn't me...LOL
Have a good week...

Anonymous said...

OOh! Leaf lace! I love leaf lace! It looks great. See you Wed.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Oshkosh Wild Women! You two are always on the go! hugs, Colorado Cootsick