Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It's always something

The election stuff is keeping me pretty busy.

The icing on the cake this week is that we have an unwanted visitor in the basement. A squirrel is down there. It has sprung the live trap 3 times now without being caught. It has one more day before we call in a professional (purely because we have no time to wait for someone to come tomorrow). Beware, Mr. Squirrel--your squirrelly days are numbered. Pack your bags and get out NOW!!

I have 5 repeats done on my fall lace scarf. I would have more done, but the election stuff is sucking up most of my time. Only 7 more days.


Anonymous said...

Yes, squirrels are cute, but they can be an annoyance when they are IN your home.....Lets hope the creature gets out alive before more drastic measures are needed ! Do you know how he/she got in? I bet it is driving the cats bonkers...it would Franklin! It is finally warm in my house..(The blower motor died on my furnace) It cost us $120 for Dan to fix it...Just one more thing to suck my hard earned money out of my wallet!! That makes over $1,000 between my van and house repairs for the last month! Yikes....I guess I know what we bought each other for Christmas already! LOL Good luck with the squirrel!!!

Anonymous said...

I could send Mona and Missy to help you---but I think the crafty squirrel would scare them! (Happy Halloween!) I hope nothing is getting ruined...is the aquirrel at least helping with the laundry?


Knit2together said...

Eek and I thought I had a creature to kill when I opened the blind and the biggest beetle I've seen was on the screen. It sounded like a fly that's why I looked. I told Smokie he wasn't getting supper tonight because he fell down on his job of getting the flea-flies that come in the house. I'm still trying to figure out how it got there-carried in on laundry I suppose a while ago maybe that's what made S. go ballistic over the invitation. My real reason for this is to let you know that I have two new posting-bathroom redo finished and Halloween outdoors.