Monday, December 8, 2008

Welcome to Christmasland

Well, we got our tree on Friday. Here are pictures:

Here is Paulette being eaten by our Christmas tree (she is actually cutting it down).

Here's a much cuter picture of her.

Eek! Who is that?

We have a good time going to the tree farm. I didn't go sledding this year with the sled they give you for the tree. We could have used our snowshoes, though. Holy cow, what a lot of snow. We have been going to the same tree farm for 19 years, Heritage Christmas Tree Farm in Wild Rose. Robin, the owner, told us that next year is their 20th year owning the farm!

Here is the finished product:

On the knitting front, St. Nicholas (aka Paulette) got me this yarn from the Loopy Ewe:

It is Lorna's Laces "Team Spirit" sport weight. Hmm, whose team colors could those be? Maybe I need to knit it into something to help our team.


Keri said...

You two are too funny! I can only imagine the fun happening at that tree farm. Can I mention I am walking around in t-shirts still? And there is green grass? Just saying.

Vicki said...

Oh, you put icicles on your tree. So pretty!