Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Back to normal

Well, it's day 2 back at work and it feels pretty good to be normal again. The cats are liking it. I can actually think about other things besides election stuff. Yippee.

Knitters are good people. Paula, one of our fellow recounters, is a knitter. She sent me the following items in the mail:

Felted acorns. Aren't they cool? (Sorry about the bad picture)

Handspun yarn she bought. It is fingering weight--there are 500 yards of it!

This beautiful sparkly yarn from the Great Adirondak Yarn Co. There are 100 yards of it in worsted weight. The picture doesn't do it justice.

Winter (which isn't even officially here yet) sure is starting off with a bang. We had 4.5 inches of snow last week, a couple more the other day and now we are supposed to get 5 more tonight and tomorrow. My snowshoes are feeling happy. I better go down and check the bindings on them to make sure they are ready for fun.

Last night Jeffy (see picture below) decided he wanted turkey from Thanksgiving. He stood up and removed a couple of items from the refrigerator while I was putting water in there. I gave him some of course, since he put in all that effort. Yes, he is looking really old in the picture below. He is 15 years old, which is 74 in people years. He has taken to sleeping behind his chair. I think he's waiting for the Christmas tree which we are getting on Friday.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, Jeffy's a good ole' boy!