Friday, January 16, 2009

It's even cold here

It's still cold in New Orleans. Well, cold is a relative term, I suppose. It's currently 39 degrees here. It's supposed to be a cold (for here) 31 degrees overnight. It's certainly not the -19 degrees that we had in Oshkosh last night, according to our cat-sitter, Julie.

Paulette and I went to the Quarter Stitch yarn store yesterday afternoon. I had been there on Wednesday, but I had to go back with Paulette. We just got back from dinner. The guys had raw oysters again-yuck. I had chicken.

Today we fixed up baseball diamonds in two parks. It certainly was chilly being outside without a jacket when it's 32 outside. Brrr. It has taken me all day to get warm.

Paulette and I went down Chartres Street when we got back from the parks to a candy store, where we bought really expensive chocolates that we are going to consume in our room when I get back up there. Yeah, we're real party animals. I may even get to knit tonight. The last time I got to do that was on the plane on the way here.

Gotta go now--chocolate is calling me!

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