Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Embracing my inner librarian

I bought new reading glasses over the weekend. Yeah, geekiness abounds here.

Shhhh-it's a library!

The retro look is in! These remind me of the blue glasses I had in grade school. Except mine in grade school didn't have the rhinestones, which I would have really liked then.

Here are pictures of me at work:

A little light reading.

Love the Library of Congress Subject Headings!

Paulette and I also went to the summer sale at Iris Fine Yarns on Saturday. I was looking for yarn for a summer sweater. Iris didn't dissapoint me.

I got 9 skeins of this Sublime Organic Cotton DK to make this sweater, the Surplice Lace top, by Gale Bunn. Probably won't be done this year any more. I am now knitting another shawl--the Norwegian Woods shawl and scarf, by Sivia Harding with Misti Alpaca Lace yarn in pale blue. It's going to have silver crystal beads along the edge. I feel the need to knit in color, since the last two things I knit were all cream color!

Well, time to go now. Love your local library!

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