Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Perpetual Saturday

I was on vacation Thursday through yesterday. We never did get to Door County, but that's okay since I was just there in June.

My vacation was like a perpetual Saturday. On Thursday Paulette, my niece Beth and I went up to Iris Fine Yarns and also to Yarns by Design. I bought this at Iris:

Such a pretty color. I am going to make a sweater with it.

I bought more shawl patterns at Yarns by Design.

Beth won out on the deal--I bought her sock yarn and size 2 DPNs. She wants to make lace socks next. Here she is with her nearly finished socks (they are done now!):

Her first socks!

On Friday, Paulette and I went to Fond du Lac to The Knitting Room and also to Woolgatherers. Both are on Main Street, nearly across the street from one another. I bought some black sock yarn at The Knitting Room to make rainbow socks with. I am going to use it with my Noro sock yarn. I bought fiber dye at Woolgatherers.

We also went to Patty's alpaca farm so that I could get some alpaca fiber. I bought some of Diamond Rio's baby alpaca fiber. He is a very dirty little alpaca. I picked about 100 grams (about 3.5 oz) of the fiber clean on Sunday afternoon. I washed it and it is now drying on a screen in our porch. Here are pictures:

Into the bath!

Nearly dry now

On Sunday we had an adventure that I would rather not repeat. We needed to get a new kitchen faucet. The old, probably cheapo one wouldn't shut off. And of course, that water appliance was the only one in the house with no shut off valves near the sink. It was running so much that we ended up having to turn the water supply to the house off overnight. When Paulette went to see if she could change the faucet herself, lo and behold, someone had soldered the faucet directly into the water lines. Sigh. We ended up calling our friend Kyle who came over and changed it for us. We now have a lovely Price Pfister faucet in the Savannah model from Menards.

It sure makes the whole kitchen look better. I hated the old faucet. It was ugly. It's exciting to have a sprayer that actually works! We also have shutoff valve for that faucet now. And, the best part is the faucet was on sale for $73 with a $20 merchandise rebate. $53 for this faucet wasn't bad!

Yesterday we just hung around the house. It was nice. Churchill liked it. I got lots of knitting done on my shawl--after I started it over because I didn't like how it was coming out on the size 3 needles I was using. It's now being knit on 2's. Much better.

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