Monday, September 28, 2009

Busy, busy, busy

Last week was a humdinger of a busy week. First, I had to work all week. Monday night was ok--I could stay home after work. Then I was busy with something every other night of the week until Sunday. Ugh. Thankfully this week is really quiet. For the most part.

I did manage to finish my pink sweater in the midst of all the goings-on.

Here it is blocking. It's now resting comfortably in my dresser drawer with all my shawls and summer sweaters. It's debut will be on Wednesday, for Knit Night, naturally. Of course, there are always those who want to disrupt my enjoyment of Knit Night by holding other events then. Shame on them! So, the sweater and I have to make an appearance at a meeting and then leave. ASAP!

I also started a pair of socks that are supposed to be for Socktober at Iris Fine Yarns. If I were just knitting them from an already done pattern, they would be on the downslope of done-ness. Unfortunately, I got it in my head to design a pattern to enter. So, I am still on sock number 1. But, I'm on the foot part!


This is a better picture of the patterning. I decided to knit the foot part that goes in your shoes plain because all those nupps didn't seem like they would be comfortable in one's shoes. I have the pattern written down if anyone has a hankering to make these. The name of the pattern is Convallaria Majalis. It is the Latin name of lilies of the valley.

On the home front, Churchill has been out of sorts because Mommy has been gone at stuff for so many evenings in a row. Poor baby. Unfortunately for him Mommy still is going to knit while she's home. Sorry Billy. You could sit next to me like a good boy. I think he gets lonely now. When he's home alone, he really is alone.

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