Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A perfect day

Yesterday was Paulette's birthday. We both took a furlough day from work. She wanted to spend time on the beach. Fortunately, the weather cooperated. It was perfect weather. She wanted to go to Sheboygan to sit on the Northside beach. So, off we went! (We also managed to fit some shopping and going out to lunch in there).

Here's me getting unexpectedly splashed. I didn't think to bring my swimming suit. I would have gone swimming if I had it along, because the water was really warm. Not like it usually is, where your feet go numb from the cold.

Paulette in the water.

One of the old jettys.

Paulette knitting.

Close up of my knitting.

The body of my sweater is all finished!

You can almost hear the waves.

The sand was as hot as I remembered it from when I was a little girl. It felt good.

I miss being able to come down to the lakefront whenever I want. Lake Winnebago is not the same.

Here's a leftover from our weekend excursion to Stitches Midwest:

It's Lyra! I was very excited to find this pattern. I had found the other Herbert Niebling pattern books, (I didn't buy them) which were $45 each.

Anyhow, yesterday's weather was a great gift. After the cool summer we had it was nice to be able to finally do what I had wanted to do all summer--sit on the beach. I even got a little sunburned. I never even thought to bring along sunscreen, because it's September now. I hope I soaked up enough warmth to last me until next summer. My lovely hometown lakefront, I promise to try and not be such a stranger in the future.

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Anonymous said...

That is one thing that is always on my list of to do's for the summer, and somehow, (even though I live near the lake) it seems I never have the time to do.Well...lets hope for one really warm day on a weekend where Melissa and I can just go and dip our feet....