Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Curtains, screen doors

We've been really busy at our house.

I made new curtains:

My brother in law and I put up a new screen door this weekend:

My brother in law also put in a wall outlet in the porch, but you all know what an outlet looks like. I am loving the wonder of electricity in the porch. Yippee. Thank you so much Dan. You're the best!

No wonder I'm tired. Now all that remains to do before the big 50th birthday party Paulette and I are having is to varnish the new chest of drawers for the bathroom with spar urethane and remove the ugly wallpaper from the kitchen and paint it. Hey, we've got a week and a half. No pressure there.

Knitting time is getting harder to find. I will have plenty of time tomorrow--it's Knit Night and also I am riding on a bus to Madison for a union rally on the state budget. Lots of knitting time there.

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Anonymous said...

The new curtains look fabulous. good luck on the kitchen re-painting. Jennifer