Wednesday, October 3, 2007

It's Wednesday---you know what that means!

Yes, it's the day of Knit Night once more. I love Knit Night. I turned the heel on the first Embossed Leaves sock at lunch and picked up stitches for the arch and sides of the foot. Woo hoo! I mean, who wouldn't love the combo of mocha and knitting and talking to your friends. It's like a small slice of heaven on Earth.

I did make a modification to the sock pattern above. After you turn the heel, the instructions say to CUT THE YARN and reattach it at the top right corner of the heel flap. I thought, what!? Why would you intentionally make a weak spot in one of the hardest wearing parts of a sock? I did not do this. I followed my instincts and continued on in the way that I have done all the rest of my socks--by knitting across the heel stitches, picking up on the side, knitting across the instep pattern, picking up on the other side, etc. It looks just fine!

A big shout out to Jennifer K. in Fort Collins, CO. Miss seeing you--too bad you don't live closer to come to Knit Night.

The knitting mystery continues--will our two new additions to our group come again this evening? We'll know soon.

I got the estimate for the damage to my car. It is pretty expensive as I thought it would be, totalling up to $2558.89. The college kid who hit me still has not returned calls to his insurance company adjustor, whom I talked to the other day on the phone. She asked me what happened since no one else is talking to her. I emailed her a scanned copy of the police report that she said she was waiting for. As I said before, I just want my car fixed. At this point, I don't care what happens to him. He needs to learn to look in his blind spot before whipping his car to the left from the right hand lane. Dumb kids.

This will in no way interfere with my upcoming enjoyment of knitting in just a little over 2 hours.

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Anonymous said...

Sara -- thanks for the shoutout! I wish I lived closer, too, because we would have some great crafting sessins. J in Colorado