Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Sockland continues

We are still on our little trip to Sockland. Here's the progress on the Embossed Leaves socks:

I'd say they're coming along nicely. I like knitting with the Lucy Neatby yarn. It's not splitty at all, not like some other sock yarns I have used.

The duct tape is still holding up on my car. Still no check from the insurance company. I just want my car fixed! I still need to get outside to take a picture of the damage.

If you all get a chance and you live in Wisconsin, call your legislator and tell them to get a move on with the state budget--oh and tell them to leave the compensation reserve funds alone (where my raise and my fellow state employee raises come from). Mama needs to buy sock yarn. They're talking about that we may experience temporary layoffs if the legislators don't start playing nice. Excuse me, they should be laid off first, since they are the ones causing the problem. Withhold their pay until they finish.

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Anonymous said...

Sara -- I can empathize about your car. I'm having a small pity party for myself, as well. I have a root canal that is failing, one of my knees is being very creaky and our car was broken into in a church parking lot last week while I was stiching with the Embroiderers' Guild group. Nothing was taken, thank goodness. Just a big smashed side window -- they used a rock the size of a grapefruit. I was even parked under the light, for cripes sake! It is fixed and was covered by insurance. Hope you get your car soon! Jennifer