Thursday, May 22, 2008

A chronicle of Knit Night

We had a good time at Knit Night last evening. We closed the place down. Pictures--we got pictures!

Sure, this bunch looks sedate. We were pretty wild last night. We were cheering completed objects.

Rachel finished the body of her shawl:

Rachel is making the shawl for her mother, Margaret, who she's seated next to. Margaret was working on the shrug she's making for Rachel last night.

Keri did spin last night. See the pictures above for her in action.

Here is one of the plys as she's spinning it from roving that she Kool Aid dyed herself:

Here's a shot of the double plyed yarn on the spindle:

Here she is winding the completed yarn on her homemade niddy noddy to make a skein:

Here's the finished skein and the proud creator!

One curious thing did happen. I would have thought that the sight of someone with a spinning wheel at Starbucks would attract way more attention than it did. We did have one curious child earlier in the evening who kind of peeked around the displays and then later in the evening one of the Starbucks employees (Hi Ben!) stopped dead in his tracks after collecting dishes from tables when he saw what Keri was doing. From then on the employees were fascinated. It was cool. I would like to learn to spin some day, but for now I am content with being a user of yarn.

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Anonymous said...

Your group looks like it's fun! How long do you meet, anyhow? (Don't drink too much Starbucks and ruin your projucts by dropping stitches!)