Thursday, May 29, 2008

Playing catch-up

Why is it that weeks that only have 4 work days in them seem to be about twice as long? Anyhoo, I have a little catching up to do here. Let's do it chronologically, shall we?

When I last left you, it was Friday. It seems so long ago.... Oh yes, Paulette and I both took vacation Friday afternoon and went shopping at Steve and Barry's and Fox River Mall in Appleton. I found a pair of pants, shorts and a long sleeve t-shirt at Steve and Barry's for $30!We then went to Menards and bought topsoil, manure and 40 tumbled Belgian pavers on Friday evening. I was too tired to do anything with them then, so this is what I did on Saturday with them:

Well, I built the star garden around the flagpole on Saturday--got the plants on Sunday afternoon and planted them.

Also on Saturday I finished (yippee!) digging the garden along the fence. All it needs is plants now. Our neighbors across the street from us were most accomodating in the populating of the garden by giving us 4 black eye susan plants from theirs that they were dividing on Saturday. I spent all day Saturday for the most part outside--then we went in and cleaned the house.

Sunday we went to church, got mochas (of course!!) and then made a tour of the greenhouses of Oshkosh and Fond du Lac. We went to Steins, Hrnak's, tried to go to House of Flowers, which was closed, and also got to Hounsell's Greenhouse in Fond du Lac. The plants I planted in the star garden are: red geraniums, red salvia, blue ageratum and white alyssum. I also got some knitting on my shawl done.

The day dawned early for me on Memorial Day. I got up at 5AM so that I could drive to my mother's house in Sheboygan to attend the on again-off again-on again Memorial Day parade and visit. My niece, Melissa, was in the parade with Diane Remy School of the Dance:

Melissa is in the direct center of the picture. I couldn't get a closer picture because she kept moving. Imagine that, moving in a parade.

I got a small amount of knitting done on my shawl on Memorial Day, but gave up and did something less complicated. I cast on the other half of the red, white and blue beaded scarf and got a good start on it.

Besides working on Tuesday, I also had a Winnebago County Labor Council meeting in the evening that I had to take notes at, since I am the secretary. Not much knitting got done on Tuesday.

Yesterday evening was Knit Night. It was lovely. I was there from 6:30 until 10PM when Starbucks closed. Keri brought her spinning wheel again. Rachel bound off the shawl she is making for her mother (see the post from last week for a picture). There were other customers in Starbucks for a while, but there were 11 of us knitting and we ended up being the only people in there later in the evening. Maybe we are scary.

We had a double showing of the finished first socks:

First, the lovely Keri (note the newly acquired Ravelry t-shirt):

And, the equally lovely Alison:

Don't they look proud?

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