Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hey, I've been busy....

It's been a busy week the past week. Where do I start?

Well, my supervisor in the Art Dept. (I only work 10 hours per week for them--the other 30 are for the lovely Music Dept.) finally, after almost 2 1/2 months, contacted me for torment round number 2, which I am naming, "The torment of copyright violation". The a-hole had the extreme nerve of threatening me (what a jerk) if I didn't break the law. Well, what am I gonna do? If they want me to break the law by scanning stuff that isn't supposed to be scanned, they will be the ones in trouble, not me because they are making me do it against my will. I can still think what I want though. My library friends all agree with me as well. We'll just see how much gets done on 10 hours a week --we're talking about 28,000 slides here. I guess it's job security....

Speaking of libraries, Polk Library, where I used to work and where Paulette works had a major water leak on Monday. There are at least 5,000 books that are wet. They're on their way to Chicago to be freeze dried.

My shawl is making good progress. I still haven't taken a picture of it.

At Chez Paulette and Sara, we are dealing with "Attack of the Red Wing Blackbirds, part II". The stupid blackbirds are once again, for the second year in a row, attempting to make a nest in the pussy willow bush in our backyard. I have knocked the nest out at least 3 times myself. I know that songbirds are protected (there have been no eggs in the nest so far), but, well, so am I. Don't ever let these birds make a nest in your backyard. They're really agressive and will dive-bomb anyone who comes remotely near their nest. Poor Jeffy was almost pecked a couple of times last year. Unfortunately, our garage and back door are near the chosen nesting site. Last year it was nearly a month before we had our yard back. We are going to put bird netting around the bush after work tonight and see if that helps. I also bought some shiny bird streamers to try to scare them away. Wish us luck!

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Anonymous said...

Freeze-dried books sound yummy...I hope your bird situation is under control this year...Mom and I don't seem to have any aggressive birds in our backyard, but I have seen what seems to be an indigo bunting eating seed off the ground under our feeder!

Love, Donna