Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tales from a recount: Day 1

Well, the recount isn't as boring (well, so far) as I thought it might be. It actually has been kind of interesting. Our candidate, Jess King has gained 2 votes in Fond du Lac county, 7 votes in Winnebago county and lost 2 votes in Dodge county. Her opponent has gained 2 votes in Winnebago county. All in all, a good day. Dodge county is finished with their recount. Good. We finished 2 of about 33 wards in Oshkosh today.

It was hot and crowded in the room where the recount was being held today. Here are some pictures from it:

Here is Paulette watching as the ballots that have been inspected and approved by everyone are run through the OSX machine. We have been really picky about the ballots as we are inspecting them. I think it might be helping and I fully intend to keep on being a picky person while I am there watching the process.

I told you it was crowded. In the lower picture above, they are going through the absentee ballot applications and matching each application to an envelope. There was one envelope missing. It came out okay in the end. We also had a couple of ballots that we had marked as exhibits. One of them was torn (it was for Jessica and was allowed in the end) and the other was not properly signed by the person working in city hall. The county clerk had to call the GAB in Madison to find out what we should do with this ballot, since the attorney on our side had challenged it. Unfortunately, it was allowed (darn, it was a a vote for Hopper).
I will report more every day. We are working from 8:30AM to 5PM at the courthouse. We will most likely be working on Saturday also. If it takes this long for all the wards, we are screwed since the GAB wants the recount done by December 1.
On the knitting front, I have gotten a bunch done on my sweater this evening. Knit night is tomorrow night. Hooray!

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