Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The end!

The recount in Winnebago county ended at about 3:00 this afternoon. I'm free!! Unfortunately, Jess didn't win, but the margin went from 182 to around 150. Randy will be reminded of that the next time we are down in Madison to talk to our legislators. I actually can't wait to try to make him toe the line. It could be fun.

Here is a picture of our tireless ballot box stuffer, Joe, putting the very last ballot into the voting machine:

Everyone cheered!!

Here's Joe telling the machine that the election is finished. It is running the final totals tape of the votes cast on the machine.

Here's a picture of the Democratic crew who was there for the whole thing:

Pictured left to right are: Attorney Brian, Paulette, Summer, Kory, me, Brandon, and Ian.

Not pictured are Paula and Amanda. We found out Paula is a fellow knitter (so is our city clerk, Pam). Paula sent me yarn and felted acorns that I received in the mail today. I'll put a picture of all of it on here soon. Thanks so much, Paula. We missed you today! Amanda has been sick, so she was not there for the last few days. We missed you as well, Amanda.

I just want to say thanks for coming here to help you guys. You are the best!! I'll miss those of you who don't live in Oshkosh. We will be visiting most of you the next time we come down to the capital.

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Paula said...

Woo-Hoo, Sarah--Thanks for the shoutout! It was great getting to meet you and Paulette, and I hope you will stay in touch! Maybe I will see you at the Sheep and Wool Festival?