Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Out of sorts

I'm sorry I haven't posted much. I feel really out of sorts lately. I miss Jeffy so much. It surprises me that I am so upset about him being gone. I think about him every day. He would have loved the weather outside yesterday. Churchill was really interested in the outside when I let him look out the front door yesterday. He also did not object to me putting a leash on him in the house. Maybe there's hope that I will have a new garden buddy this year.

Most of the snow is gone in our yard now, except the part in the backyard that is shaded by the house this time of year. It is really funny that the portion of yard I am talking about is the part that gets really a lot of sun in the summer.

The snowpiles at the end of the driveway have really shrunk to almost nothing-yippee! Paulette and I spent part of yesterday afternoon, after our pollworker training, sweeping water from the driveway and sidewalks into the street so that it would drain down the storm sewers and hopefully, not into our basement. The basement is holding up well with all the melting. Hopefully this year we won't have any problems with large floods. Geez, last year really was a bad year (I'm counting Jeffy's getting sick as leftovers from last year).

On the knitting front, I am up to knitting the foot of sock #1 in the pair. I am thinking about finishing the quilt I started, like 8 years ago when I am done with this pair of socks. I want Churchill to be able to sleep on it some time yet in his lifetime.

I really do need to get on my self imposed project of scanning all those photographs of Jeffy to put on a CD. He really was a photogenic guy-he liked to pose for the camera. When I get them scanned, I'll put some of them on here.

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Anonymous said...

Yippee! The snow in our front yard is almost gone too! I was finally able to get the greens from Christmas out of the planter box (they had turned a lovely brown). I know how hard it is to miss your best-friend-kitty-buddy--
Hang in there!