Thursday, February 19, 2009

Random Thursday

Well, the day working at the polls was reallllllly loooooonng. I got up at 4AM -- ugh. We were done with stuff by 9PM. There were about 200 or so voters at our polling place at the airport. I sure am glad I brought my knitting with me. I knit so much while I was there that one of my fingers started to hurt from the needle rubbing on it. I got a lot done on my second sock of the pair.

Yesterday was a good day. I lounged around in my jammies at home until 2PM. It was nice. I took a nap in the morning. Knit night was last night. Margaret took a picture of Paulette and I in our twin Penny Straker sweaters:

Paulette knit hers in the 1980s. Penny Straker patterns never go out of style. That's why I wanted to make one.

As always, is it Friday yet?

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