Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Going, going, gone

Here are pictures of the tree coming down and the aftermath:

I am taking vacation this afternoon to clean this up.  The sawdust is covering up the lilies of the valley that were in front of the tree.  The tree guy told us to get a bag of lime and a bag of topsoil to fill in the stump where he used a grinder on it.

We are planning on planting a pink crabapple tree in it's place.  I am excited about this!

I was impressed that the fence came out okay from the whole ordeal.  There are big holes in the lawn where the large trunk pieces hit when they fell.  We also had a basement window get broken, which is a pain, but not the end of the world.  The window did need replacing anyhow.  When I pried it out so that I could put a piece of wood in the hole, I found that the frame of the actual window was rotten.  Guess we will be making a trip to Menards to see if we can find one to replace it.  If not, I think I can build one to fit.  My real problem is that I am not a good glass cutter.

Sorry there's not much about knitting in this post.  My sweater is coming along.  I only have about 2 inches of lace left to knit on the back until I start the bodice area.  You can see that I have been distracted. 

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