Sunday, April 25, 2010

It's been an interesting weekend...

Well, this morning when I opened the blinds at 7AM in the living room this morning, this is what I saw out the window:

One of the large limbs of the box elder tree in our yard had come down jn all the wind we had.  Joe (our neighbor), Paulette, and I managed to trim the branches that were in the way of the neighbors driveway so that they can at least come and go.  Now we are waiting for the tree man to come and take care of the really large part.  It didn't hurt anything on the way down.  The fence and house are okay.  But I hope the tree man gets here soon so that it doesn't fall from it's perch on the branch of the mulberry tree onto the fence.

We also went to the AFSCME Council 24 Jim Boyd Memorial Bowling Tournament on Friday evening in Beaver Dam.  Here are shots of our team:

Paulette in action.


Paulette has fun!

Mike and Jean watch the bowling action.

Paulette and Jean.

I didn't bowl.  However, I did win prizes in the 7:30 PM shift raffle.  I won an tool organizer for the rakes and shovels in the garage and a bypass pruner.  Paulette went back on Saturday afternoon, and she had won a Wii!  With the tree drama outside I haven't gotten a chance to hook it up yet.

I also haven't gotten much knitting done.

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WOW Wii!