Friday, September 28, 2007

A fast week

Yippee, this very trying week is almost over.

I have my car back--it's only temporarily fixed by the auto body place, with the ever useful duct tape! It matches the silver paint of my car quite nicely. It is tentatively scheduled to be fixed on October 15. I'll put a picture of it on here soon. Why did it have to be this week that someone ran into me? I had so much driving to do and so many other things to do that I did not need the added stress of this on top of all of it. At least I can see an endpoint now. On Wednesday the car rental place swiched my rental from a van to a PT Cruiser--with only 400 miles on it. My niece will be so jealous--she lusts after PT Cruisers. It was fun to drive, but I don't think I want one.

So far so good on the current sock knitting front. Bad news from the shawl yarn front. Iris Fine Yarns had to find another supplier for the Lacey Lamb yarn they are ordering for me. Oh, please, someone just send two balls of black Lacey Lamb to Iris Fine Yarns just for me. I want to start knitting that in the worst way.

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