Monday, June 2, 2008


Well, the good news is my shawl is going well-now. The bad news is that I couldn't knit the last section of the shawl mistake-free, no matter how hard I tried. So, it got frogged back to the lifeline yarn I inserted. I started that section over using a pattern from the next shawl in the book, A gathering of lace, that has a 14 stitch repeat.

I had a really nice weekend. Got a lot of knitting done and all of the planting done in the yard I wanted to. Of course, it didn't hurt that I decided the day before, on a whim, to take Friday afternoon off. My friend, Kyle, brought over some orange daylily plants he was dividing. I found a place for them. Then, when Paulette and I were getting ready to go to see the Sex and the City movie yesterday, I looked in the backyard and there was Kyle, abandoning more of them. I think I'll put them along the driveway side of the house.

Wendy on Wendy Knits! is having a summer haiku contest on her blog. Sadly, I thought of one after the contest was closed. So, now you guys are going to have to read it!

Here goes:

Summer, hot outside.
I knit filmy lace inside

Huh, and when I was going to school I just hated making this stuff up.

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