Friday, June 20, 2008

Getting back to normal--sort of

The lawn finally got mowed last night. It was really long. Paulette took the new lawnmower on it's maiden voyage:

Here's a closeup of her new friend:

I do the trimming, but I did try out the new lawnmower. It's pretty nice. The Weedeater had been covered in water--but only the spindle part on the bottom. Well, I plugged it in and pushed the button. It worked--but first it shot a bunch of water out in all directions.

I think it deserves a bath this weekend.

Our neighbor Scott next door made us this:

It felt really good to cut the grass like normal people. Jeffy even got to go outside. He, of course, didn't want to go in. The mosquitos were getting really bad out there.

Here's a shot of the front garden in all of it's glory:


Anonymous said...

Wow, everything looks good in your yard! Mom, Mona, Missy and I say HI!


Anonymous said...

Sara and Paulette -- you guys are real homeowners now. Through thick and thin, you hang in! Jennifer (in Anheim, CA)