Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Like it never even happened

The campus at UW Oshkosh had water damage as well in several buildings. The most hard hit was River Center, which had 10 feet of water in it. These are guests you really don't want to see on campus:

I guess I am happy to be back at work. Not surprisingly, it's much less work than cleaning up after a flood.

Last night I put my car in the garage for the first time since last Wednesday night. This is what I had cleaned out of my interior fan for my car heater a week ago on Sunday:

Apparently the little critters are at it again because when I turned on my heater (it was a little chilly this morning here), it was making noises again. Sigh. Now I get to be a contortionist once again to remove the fan housing from underneath the passenger dash and clean it out again. The fun never ends.

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