Monday, June 9, 2008

It was a busy weekend

It's been a busy few days....

On Friday, we had our annual Classified Staff Development and Appreciation Day at the University. We get to take all sorts of classes, some fun, some work related. You get to pick whatever you want. Mine were fun. I helped Paulette's sister, Cheryl, with her "Fearless Knitting" class. I personally taught a fellow co-worker how to purl. It was very rewarding! Here's our class:

I also took a class on the history of the "Little House on the Prairie" books told through quilting. I think Paulette and I freaked the presenter out for a while because we were knitting during her presentation.

Our friend Kenny finished the end tables:

We're looking for baskets to store the mess under each table in. Haven't found anything suitable yet.

Here are pictures of the flowers in the yard, pre-storm on Saturday:

It started to rain Saturday afternoon. It rained and stormed fiercely. It let up long enough on Saturday evening so that Paulette and I could take the old endtables up to her niece, Alison in Neenah. Then it started to storm again--into Sunday morning. There was a little break on Sunday, in which our friend Kyle called and asked if we had flooding. His street was terribly flooded, as were many streets in Oshkosh. Just getting to church, Target and Starbucks was a major chore with all the flooding. Then the rain started again--and Kyle's basement flooded. Ours just got a couple of small (by comparison) puddles which are drying up and our garage got flooded so that we couldn't park our cars in there. (Our garage still has a puddle, but we can now park in there). Jeffy was beside himself all weekend. He hates storms. We had him hiding in the bathroom for a lot of Sunday. I hear we got almost 5 inches of rain by this morning. Yikes. Steins, where a lot of our plants are from, had 2 feet of water in their outside plant area with 2 inches in the store. Guess we won't be going there for a little while.

Here are some random pictures of Jeffy and Churchill:

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