Sunday, June 29, 2008

The song isn't really all that true

Today is my birthday. It's been my experience that it is not, as the Beatles song (Renee--you are right--it is the Rolling Stones) says, a drag getting old--at least not all the time. I have had two glorious days of celebrating with tomorrow to go yet!

Yesterday Paulette and I went to Iris Fine Yarns where she bought me this:

It's Sublime soya cotton, and it's yummy soft.I am going to make a tank top out the the 7 skeins of it.

Then we went to Summerfest and saw John Mellencamp:

Today we went to the antique mall, because I figured there was a lot of stuff there that was older than me.

I found some Blue Ridge pottery there (we have a large collection on the dining room walls):

And some postcards:

This one is of the old Woolen Mill in Sheboygan Falls.
Paulette also bought me this for my birthday:

A 32" HDTV. I love it!
Can't wait for tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Sweet TV!!!!!.....Now I know where to go to watch the Packer Games!!!!!
Sounds like you had a wonderful B-Day......Happy B-Day a day late......

Anonymous said...

renee here: which beatles song is that? are you sure it wasn't the rolling stones?

missed you all last night! i'm out of town!

~mandakay said...

ooh, happy birthday!

Colorado Jennifer said...

Can't believe all the loot you hauled in for your birthday. Girl, you know how to work it!