Friday, August 22, 2008

Progress report

I'm still knitting on my shawl. I am almost halfway through the border, which means I am almost halfway done with the knitting! Woo hoo. Folks have asked me what I will knit when I am done with it, since I have been knitting on this shawl since May 2. I think I may knit some socks--pretty much anything will go faster than this!

On Wednesday, we had about 15 people at knit night--We took over half of the Starbucks store. It was so cool.

Tomorrow Paulette, her sister Cheryl and I are going to Schaumburg, IL to Stitches Midwest. My personal goal is to go to the Marketplace there, because one can never have enough yarn, can they?

Will give you all a full report soon.....

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