Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Variations on a theme

To quote George Bailey in "It's a wonderful life": "I just feel like if I didn't get away, I'd bust..." I hear ya, George, I hear ya. Vacation is elusive this year. Will I really get to go somewhere, or will it get lost in the three million busynesses that others dream up for one to help them with "right now". Paulette and I have not gone on vacation together for 5 years. That's way too long. I miss travelling with my best friend. Why is this all coming up now, you ask? Well, August is a traditional month for going on vacation. Everyone else is talking about getting away and it's really getting to me. I just want to sit down and cry about it but I will be a big girl and not do that--maybe.

On the gifty side of Paulette's recent getaway to San Francisco with our AFSCME brothers and sisters, she brought me:

This is lovely 50% silk/50% merino yarn from Artfibers in San Francisco. There is enough to make a scarf.

This is 4 yards of silk fabric from Britex Fabrics in San Francisco. I have regretted not buying some in the 11 years since I was there last.

She also brought some yummy chocolate from Ghirardelli. Mmmmmm, nummy.

On the knitting front--I just finished the body of my shawl on my break. I start the border at lunch. Yippee!!!

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Anonymous said...

And I missed Sara being in San Francisco. We had such a good time when we were out there---probably 10 years ago now. Going to the yarn store and fabric store isn't as much fun alone. Everyone else was into eating crab and going to China Town and the Wharf. Heck, I had to twist arms to convince them to go to Ghiradelli Square. Of course, once there, folks bought lots of chocolate. I don't think anyone went to Golden Gate Park or down to the Presidio, so they didn't get those excellent view of the Golden Gate. Alcatraz at night was interesting and strange at the same time--especially when you're going through it with Corrections Officers. One of them said it felt almost ghostlike being in there.

It's always tough when you're doing a convention and trying to see a city. I'm just glad I have had the chance to see San Fran. before and knew what I really wanted to do this time.