Monday, September 3, 2007

It's the day to celebrate labor!

Happy Labor Day to all my union friends out there from the Winnebago County Labor Council secretary. One more Labor Day picnic is now history.

Me at the Labor Day picnic. I was standing in for treasurer Paulette taking the money for the food.

My car misbehaved on Saturday morning as well. $453 later I had a new starter. All seems to be well now--so far it has started every time. It should--after about $1200 has been put into it in one week. Now I have to drive it a while to get a return on my large investment.

Of course, no knitting has been done this weekend. Next week looks good so far.

More pictures from the picnic:

Paulette and Joan selling raffle tickets and giving free books to the kids

One of the "chefs", Larry, dances to the music of the band. The debate Chez Sara and Paulette is whether Larry is holding a weiner in his hand or not. You decide.

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