Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend acquisitions

Paulette, Cheryl and I went to the alpaca show on Sunday afternoon. We must have missed Patty, since we didn't see her anywhere there. The alpacas were cute anyhow.

We then went to Barnes and Noble. I found this book that I have been wanting for a while:

My review of this book is that it was well worth the $18.95 I paid for it. There are only a few things I would never knit in here.

On Saturday we went to Yarns by Design in Neenah. I was looking for Handmaiden Sea Silk. I wasn't disappointed:

The yarn is destined to become a scarf for me.

Not much else exciting is going on here. April is getting closer. I like spring a lot, but this April is going to be trying. I have something to do every single weekend. Ugh. I'm not happy.....

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Vicki said...

Not that a scarf is bad, but there's enough yardage in a skein of SeaSilk for a small shawl. I made a Swallowtail out of one, and I've seen several of Sivia's designs done with one--Diamond Fantasy and Norwegian Woods. Always the ubiquitous Flower Basket shawl, too.