Monday, March 2, 2009

Last dance?

Paulette, Cheryl and I went snowshoeing yesterday at Walla Hi County Park in Manitowoc county. It was 12 degrees outside-brrrrrrr. It was pretty cold walking into the wind. My handknit items performed their duties admirably. The snow was really crunchy and ice covered from the rain that fell during the snowstorm last week. I didn't care. It could be the last time until December that I get to go snowshoeing. Here are pictures:

Paulette and Cheryl

Paulette and me
I didn't get any knitting done yesterday at all. I am still (yes, I am) getting over the illnesses that have plagued me since January. The latest is a lovely ear infection. Not a large one, but annoying enough. I am taking goldenseal for it, which seems to be helping. The last time I had an ear infection, I went to the doctor and got antibiotics which killed off good bacteria in other places of my body. Not good. And the antibiotics really didn't help get the gunk out of my ears. So, this is now a do it yourself job. Anyhow, I was so tired from snowshoeing yesterday that I fell asleep almost as soon as we got home. I should have just gone to bed.
Churchill had a good birthday on Saturday. He got cat grass, a new catnip toy, and treats. Let me tell you, if I had to come back as any creature after I died, I would come back to our house as a cat and get spoiled rotten.

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Anonymous said...

Hello, Sara and Paulette! Just caught up on all your news and wow -- you guys give nice Valentine's gifts! hugs, Colorado Kutzik