Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Long weekend

Well, I have had another 4 day weekend, thanks to the 4th of July!
Here's what I did:

On Friday I cut the grass and did yard work. I watered all the gardens and plants outside. Also went to the grocery store, etc. And got knitting done. The neighbor guy borrowed our year old lawnmower and bent one of the blades on it when he hit a rock. Gotta love it. It better work when I need to use it again.

My sweater is all done. Yippee!

I have now moved on to another shawl. This time it's the Evelyn Clark Flower Basket shawl, with the yummy laceweight yarn I bought on my birthday.

I'm still waiting for my yarn I ordered from Knit Picks to come. I am going to make another lace sweater with it. This one will be a lot cheaper--the yarn was only $20 for the whole sweater.

On Saturday, well it was the 4th of July. I got up at 4:45AM and then drove to Sheboygan to go to the parade, my cousin's wedding (don't get me started about it) and finally, the fireworks. My review of the Sheboygan parade was that it was kind of a dud. There were only two bands in the whole thing. It usually is much better than that. The fireworks were okay. I am sad to report this, because I really like the fireworks. There must have been some sort of temperature inversion or something, because by the end, the smoke from the fireworks obscured the whole end of the show. I mean, you could hear them, but you couldn't see them. It was weird. I got home around midnight.

Here are pictures of the fireworks before they were obscured:

Here are views from my hometown's lakefront:

On Sunday, I went to church and then hung around the house. It was nice.
Yesterday I had legal holiday from the 4th of July. We cleaned the house, went to the grocery store again, and went to the new Hallmark store. I also watered all the gardens again.

Well, it's a short week this week anyhow. And Tuesday is almost over!

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Paulette said...

Nice Sheboygan pictures....the lakefront looks really, really good.