Thursday, July 9, 2009

Group hug

Keri (and her husband, Joel), who now reside in Portland, Oregon, are here in Wisconsin for a wedding. Our gain! We got to visit with them last night at Knit Night, where we took a group photo whilst we were all decked out in our newly minted Knit Night t-shirts (done by Cheryl--thank you so much!). Joel kindly took the pictures for us.

Front row, left to right: Keri, Diane, Beth, me.
Back row, left to right: Paulette, Ciara, Margaret, Cheryl, Vicki, Gail, Mandi.

This was a smaller group than usual. We were missing a few members for various reasons. The big discussion when we were assembling for the photo was to make sure the "aquas" were not all clumped up in one location in the picture. Quite a change from the first picture I posted of our knitting group on my blog. Apparently it pays to advertise.

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