Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Picture time!

In the week since I have posted, lots has happened. Fortunately, a lot has been captured in pictures!

Here we see evidence that Churchill now likes the outdoors:

He still has a pretty serious face when he's outside. He was enjoying himself, though.

My birthday was this past Monday (the 29th). Paulette and went up to Washington Island in Door County. I wanted to go someplace I had never been before.

You have to take the ferry to get to the island:

You can stay in your car or they have cabins on the ferry where you can sit during the trip. We stayed in the car because Paulette can't get around too well these days because she broke a bone in her foot last week Wednesday and is now in a big velcro-cast thing.

Here are some views from the car while we were waiting:

This was prime knitting time! It took at least 35-45 minutes each way. The water was really choppy and I don't do well in choppy water. The knitting really helped.

We ate lunch at the Washington Hotel, Restaurant and Culinary School. Paulette had a Reuben:

I had a smoked turkey sandwich:

The bread was baked there. It was good.

We also went to shop at the Sievers School of Fiber Arts. I want to take a spinning class there.

Here is Paulette holding her lace sock:

And here I am with my nearly completed sweater. Four more rows today and it's done.

I bought some handspun yarn:

On the way back, we stopped at Red Sock Yarns, a new yarn shop in Fish Creek. It is a very nice shop, with lots of selection and lots of places to sit and knit. The owner said that she plans on being open all year long. The shop is located in the Top of the Hill shops, a right turn off Hwy 42 as you are headed out of Fish Creek towards Ellison Bay. I can't think of a more perfect day in winter than snowshoeing in Peninsula State Park, eating lunch in a restaurant in Fish Creek and stopping at a knitting shop. We'll be back there for sure!

My purchase:

It's Ella Rae Lace merino. I am going to wind it this afternoon to start a shawl this evening. I just have to find a pattern yet.

We also stopped at the Cherry Hut, formerly known as Ray's Cherry Hut on Hwy 42 between Fish Creek and Egg Harbor. Paulette bought me a birthday cherry pie!

We couldn't find any birthday candles in the house, so we used a tea light.

Yesterday we went to the special screening of "Public Enemies". And to answer my sister, no, we still had to buy popcorn--it wasn't included in the $30 ticket price. Here's one of the signs from the movie:

And tonight is Knit Night!! I have had a lovely 4 days away from work. Thank you for a splendid birthday, Paulette!

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Anonymous said...

Now I am caught up on your recent activities! Thakns for coming to Chicago yesterday and it was so great to see you!