Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Has it really been a week?

Oh my, has it really been a week since I posted? Either I have been busy or when I haven't been busy, I fall asleep. Such is life....

I went to Fox River Mall in Appleton on Saturday. NEVER go to any mall on a Saturday in December. I was okay while I was in Younkers. I was finding lots of good present material on sale and I was actually walking around singing with the store music. But then, I left the sanity of Younkers into this:

It doesn't look that bad on the picture--but trust me, it was quite the crowd scene. Suffice it to say I was no longer singing.

St. Nicholas (aka Paulette) brought me some good stuff this year on December 6. I got these lovely sock blockers--oh joy!
Still knitting on the 2nd part of present number 1. I am going to have to do much better if I am to get this knitting done before December 24, only 12 days from now. My, that looks so bad in black and white--12 days! The pressure is on now. I guess I will have to not take any more naps in the evening and forgo any extra partying--except for Knit Night. Anyone in a meeting with me from now on is going to have to put up with me knitting, for I am on a mission.

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