Monday, December 3, 2007

Leftovers and lots of decorating

It's leftover time. Here's a picture of my turkey and crockpot mashed potatoes from Thanksgiving:

Mmm, nummy.

Our tree is in the house! Here are pictures of the tree after we cut it:

Who is that in the picture on the right hiding next to the tree? And notice we did get some snow for getting the tree. I even used the sled from the tree farm to slide down a hill.

The tree decorated:

Pictures just don't do it justice. Click on any of the pictures for a larger view! We also apologize to Al Gore. We tried to find LED lights for the tree, but there were none out there in multicolored.

The kitchen in full gingerbread mode:

Jeffy is resting after observing all of the decorating.
He's tired and so are we. Jeffy says that decorating all weekend is exhausting. He also hated the evil cleaning that followed.
It sure was fun putting all those decorations up while it was snowing outside. We had 7 inches by the time it was all done out there. The shoveling--not so fun. But I did get to use my snowshoes in the backyard while I was putting greens in the iron urn in the backyard. Snowshoeing on trails may not be far behind this year. Perhaps we'll even get to go during vacation between Christmas and New Year's! Be still my heart.

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Anonymous said...

Your tree is so gorgeous! Well done, Sara and Paulette. (From Colorado Jennifer)