Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Land of funny hats and other stuff

Here is a picture of the Christmas hat I made last year:

I made this on the bad road to knitting on a Knifty Knitter last year in December. It's made with (forgive me) Red Heart yarn, pailettes and jingle bells. It's not that warm, but it sure is festive!

Part no. 1 of item no. 1 of the Christmas knitting is getting a facelift. I made it a little too big, so un-knitting is taking place. It's actually going pretty good. It think I only have 4 more rows to undo before I can finish it again.

It's 31 degrees outside right now. It better not melt too much snow or this snowshoer is going to be unhappy next week when she actually will have time to snowshoe. Here's a picture of mine and Paulette's Iverson wooden snowshoes that we rarely wear (we wear modern aircraft aluminum snowshoes, which are much lighter in weight):

They were very happy to be out in the snow.

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