Thursday, August 2, 2007

Our little group

Here is a picture of our little knitting group:

Left to right: Me, Paulette, and Margaret.

Margaret was only pretending to knit for the picture. She had actually been working on her chain mail jewelry all evening. She's truly a Jill-of-all trades, our Margaret.

My sock is still in progress. I have trouble knitting and talking at the same time. I need to work on that skill. It's coming along, though. Paulette is knitting a sweater. It's from the Nashua Handknits 4 booklet--the surplice lace top. She's using Nashua Handknits Cilantro yarn in this beautiful soft yellow and white. She has one lace panel for the front done. Margaret is actually knitting a lace scarf (just not last evening), oddly enough, in the very same lace pattern as the sweater Paulette is making.

Aside from our usual gabfest, we found out something interesting about Starbucks from one of the employees. Did you know that no one is supposed to take any pictures at a Starbucks? Who knew? We did it anyhow, as you can see.

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