Monday, April 14, 2008


I love aqua. My two newest aqua things are:

1. My freshly painted bedroom(notice Churchill on the bed by his blankie). This set me back about $79, with all the assorted accessries, such as dropcloths, etc. I guess it was worth it, because the walls just glow now. I want to paint the living room/dining room with a pretty sage green now. When I put the new heat register in, I saw hardwood flooring at the bottom of the pile. Some day I'll refinish the floor in there.

2. The lace gloves I am making (for those of you interested, they are the Vanalinn Gloves from the book, A gathering of lace").

Not to be outdone, Jeffy demanded I take his photo also.

The cats had a close encounter of the puppy kind yesterday. Paulette's niece and her husband came over to go downtown to see the movie making stuff and brought Ernie, their golden retriever puppy with them. Ernie is the cutest fluffball. Lots of people wanted to pet him. Paulette says he is the reason we got to talk to the construction supervisor of the movie, because him and his wife wanted to steal Ernie and take him back to California with them. Anyhow, when Alison and Tim were in the house with Ernie, Jeffy ran and hid behind the sofa, in typical Jeffy style. Churchill, on the other hand, did not. In fact, I had to stand between them because I think Churchill was going to show that dog whose house this is! Apparently we are not getting a dog any time soon.

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