Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I'm feeling a little better...

For the record--I'm still pretty upset about my friends skunking me, but now I have a plan (My AFSCME friends are upset too--do ya hear that, G?). Apparently now it will be one of who knows how to campaign better. I thought about doing what they're doing with some other folks, but I'm going it alone because I still want to have friends at the end of this-perhaps unlike some people. We'll see what happens.

Anyhow, Oshkosh is all abuzz with the filming of Public Enemies here soon. Main Street is being all dolled up in 1930s style. The first Saturday of the month art walk was insanely crowded with people down there to see what it's like to be in a Hollywood set. It's pretty cool, actually.

I'll post pictures of it soon.

My Sea Silk scarf is about 12 inches from the end. It's taking so long because I keep having my actual life cut into my knitting time. :(

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