Friday, April 18, 2008

No clever title today-sorry

It's almost 4:30 and I get to leave work soon!! I'm tired of cataloging books now.

Progress has been made on the lace glove--after frogging it to nothing once. Notice the picture is taken against one of my newly painted aqua bedroom walls.

Here are some of the daffodils from my front garden:

The real question in my mind is when are the pink daffodils going to open?

Here are some views from the filming of "Public Enemies" They kept us pretty far away, so there wasn't really much to see--but here it is anyhow.

I took the last picture because I thought it was cool to see a Universal Studios truck in Oshkosh. The public library is in the background.
Weekend plans include going to Iris for size 3 circular needles in 16" and 24" long for my lace shawl and perhaps taking the Easter stuff down. Oh, and cleaning. Bleh.

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